Silverman Guard
Silverman Guard

Did you know...the account is The `money` keeper of your project?

Because a good accountant has the responsibility to control

and manage the flow of `money` in all projects.

Not only the committee, but also property management company, co-owners, or members,
because we believe that accounting is important for everyone involved in a project.
It is responsible for controlling and supervising the flow of 'money' in all projects.

Don't let your project's finances get out of control!
Our Silverman team would like to offer an additional service called 'Accounting As A Service'
to assist you in accurately preparing your accounts according to the accounting system and
enhance confidence in your project share the success that will generate profit
for your project along the way, while also creating sustainability for the project.

When money is one of the most important matters in a project,
it is crucial to choose a professional accountant with a thorough understanding, knowledge,
and experience in accounting for condominiums and real estate housing juristic persons.

What is Silverman Accounting As A Service?
Silverman Accounting As A Service
Silverman Accounting As A Service
Silverman Accounting As A Service

We are introducing a new add-on service 'Accounting As A Service'
to simplify your challenging and complex accounting processes.
It offers enhanced accuracy and speed, This service is particularly
valuable for corporate management companies that lack accounting
personnel or projects where the committee lacks support for
accounting tasks. The professional staff of Silverman's team will
assist in managing the accounting work, starting from collecting all
the relevant documents, including closing the monthly and yearly
account statements for your project. We are confident that our team
will fully handle all aspects of the closing process. Moreover,
choosing to use our service also helps your project reduce the
cost of hiring an accountant on your own.

Why us?

We can complete the accounting statement within 3
working days, depending on the completeness
of the documents provided by the juristic person.


Engage a new team to assist in reviewing all
the accounting documents managed
by property management company.


Obtain a second opinion separate from what
the property management company offers.


Save more costs compared to hiring an
accountant specifically for the project.


Receive services and expertise from professionals
specializing in accounting for condominiums and
housing estate juristic persons.


Residents are happy due to the transparency and
dedication demonstrated by the team and
the committee in their work.

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