Elevate your community with our services in Juristic establishment and the delivery of sustainable community! Our team is ready to be a part of your community's success. We not only offer services, but also partner with you to create the most extraordinary experience for the committee and residents!

Elevate your community with our services in Juristic establishment and the delivery of sustainable community! Our team is ready to be a part of your community's success. We not only offer services, but also partner with you to create the most extraordinary experience for the committee and residents!

Our team specializes in the establishment of juristic legal entities and the delivery of projects from real estate companies (Real estate developers)

Silverman - we have a team dedicated to establish juristic legal entities in the real estate sector, our experts are ready to ensure your project has smooth transition, transparent, and sustainable, making it a long-lasting development! With over 10 years of successful experience in juristic establishment and recognized legal expertise

Our services include

  • Submission of applications for juristic registration
  • Preparation of the common area property rights ratio
  • Drafting juristic bylaws and providing legal advice on all related laws and regulations
  • Drafting various rules and regulations
  • Setting up common fund amounts and common area fee rates
  • Assisting in conducting the first Annual General Meeting (AGM), both online (E-meeting) and in person
  • Delivery of general utilities from the real estate company<
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for juristic establishment
  • Handling processes with government authorities for juristic establishment and following up until completion, including obtaining necessary documents
  • Providing advice and installing a property management system (PMS), along with guidance and planning for accounting and financial systems from day one.
man in suit
man in suit

Juristic Establishment for Condominiums

For your condominium project, we understand the complexity and unique requirements. Our team specializes in making the process of establishing juristic legal entities for condominiums easy, and we are ready to provide consultation to help you choose the most suitable path.

We can assist in preparing related documents, handling government agencies, and all steps involved in making your project a reality.

Juristic Establishment for Housing Residential Communities

For housing residential community projects, our knowledge and experience in establishing juristic legal entities for planned communities make us a trusted partner. We work through all necessary steps, from legal consultations and relevant documentation to the delivery of general utilities from the real estate company.

man in suit
man in suit

Why Choose Silverman

  • Over 10 Years of Experience: With more than 10 years of experience in juristic registration, Silverman has a proven track record in legal operations.
  • Expert Team: Our team consists of legal experts who specialize in juristic registration, ensuring professional and knowledgeable service.
  • Comprehensive Real Estate Services: We offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of real estate, going beyond juristic registration to meet all your property management needs.
  • Professional Management System (PMS) Planning: Our team excels in planning property management systems, providing guidance and designing accounting and financial systems. We have earned the trust of over 600 projects nationwide.
  • Maximum Common Area Fee Collection: Projects that choose Silverman from the inception phase can efficiently collect common area fees, with the capability to achieve up to 100% collection.
  • Focus on Trust and Best Experience: Silverman emphasizes building trust and delivering the best experience for property owners, members, committees, and residents right from the start of the project.

Our team has genuine expertise in setting up juristic entities for projects in compliance with the law and aligned with sustainable long-term policies. We are ready to ensure the smoothest and most successful establishment of both village community corporations and condominium corporations.

Port 80 Company Limited is fully equipped with a dedicated team, cutting-edge technology, and experienced staff to handle the establishment of condominium corporations and condos, as well as village community corporations, townhomes, and townhouses. Our standardized operational processes set us apart.

With over 10 years of experience, Silverman specializes in juristic establishment, contributing to the success of leading real estate projects nationwide. We efficiently deliver projects for property developers, earning the trust of over 100 projects and recognition for our professional juristic management, including legal expertise.

Certainly, the legal aspects of setting up corporations for condominiums, village communities, townhomes, townhouses, and condominiums may change and require legal experts due to the strict control of juristic management under Thai authorities and laws. Our services involve consulting and negotiation with individuals and government agencies such as the Land Department to ensure juristic compliance with all laws and regulations. We conduct Annual General Meetings (AGM), both online (E-meeting) and traditional, and prepare all necessary documentation.

One of our key roles is to ensure the efficient and transparent delivery of common area facilities from real estate companies to juristic entities without any concealment. We are not tied to any property development company. Once all procedures are completed, we deliver essential documents, including licenses, to the relevant authorities. We coordinate with all parties throughout the entire process until completion, with detailed records stored securely on Silverman's Cloud-based technology system, ensuring data integrity.

Silverman offers a capable, professional, and experienced team in juristic law, ready to set up the latest property management technologies for your new juristic entity. We provide services for the establishment of condominium corporations, village community corporations, townhomes, townhouses, and condominiums, both in Bangkok and nationwide. For more information, please contact our team.

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