Silverman Guard
Silverman Guard

Make auditing easy and seamless! 
  Because you have the freedom to choose the best auditor
  So you can have confidence that all financial matters are accurate.

Transparent - impartial - not involved in monetary matters - ready
to provide advice (Second Opinion) - can be verified at any time

Our Silverman team offers a system of transparency and impartiality, ready to solve monetary issues in your projects.
 Whether it involves managing the account of the condominium or the housing estate juristic person.

We are like a trusted advisory friend, and we are happy to offer you the 'freedom to decide'
  by providing clear and straightforward financial information.

Say goodbye to financial concerns! We understand the significance of financial matters
  and we will take the best care of you. And guarantee your satisfaction in our services
 with additional service `Audit As A Service` who will assist in verifying
  the documents and checking the accounts prepared by your accountant.
  We are ready to provide impartial advice, similar to a second opinion,
 to support decision-making on critical project matters.

Select us as your 'Auditor', acknowledged and trusted by users across 500 projects
  Our services can be verified at any time, ensuring that you receive
 the highest quality service in all your financial operations.

What is Silverman Audit As A Service?
Silverman Audit As A Service
Silverman Audit As A Service
Silverman Audit As A Service

Silverman is pleased to offer an optional Audit-as-a-Service to audit
 your juristic person accounts. Our auditor team comes from an
 accounting firm with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license that
  has been certified by the Institute of Accounting Professions under
 the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King.Our team has expertise
 and is skilled in auditing balance sheets and income-expense
  statements. They have extensive experience auditing over 500
 juristic person projects. We understand the importance of conducting
 a thorough and professional audit of your accounts. So you can be
 assured that the operation will be in accordance with relevant
 standards and requirements, including providing transparency,
 traceability, and knowledge of the origin of each transaction in terms
  of accounting. Come join us and you will discover a unique auditing
 experience that is more special than ever before.

Why us?

We can verify the accounting statement within 7
working days. (depending on the completeness
of the documents provided by the juristic person)


Engage a new team that is not affiliated with
the juristic person management company
to help review all documents prepared
by the juristic management company.


Save more costs compared to hiring an auditor
who presented at the general meeting


Our service is similar to having an internal audit that
provides a comprehensive analysis of the project,
examining risk efficiency, effectiveness, and identifying
potential occurrences of corruption.


Receive services and expertise from professionals
specializing in accounting for condominiums and
housing estate juristic persons.


Our Certified Public Accountant is an individual who has
been registered and awarded the Certified Public
Accountant designation by the Federation of Accounting
Professions (TFAC).

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