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Silverman Guard

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Automatic Debt Tracking and Collection System by AI

was developed through the collaboration of Port 80 Co., Ltd., a leader in the development of juristic management systems and accounting-finance work for juristic, and House & Condo Lawyers Co., Ltd., a reputable national real estate expert law firm.

This will help improve the process of tracking the outstanding balance, and automatically notify when the debt collection is due.

Reduce the cost of tracking outstanding balance for condominium and housing estates, especially in legal process and court.

Reduce document waste and the use of human resources (juristic employees) in the process of tracking outstanding common fees.

Reduce the risk of the case being overdue subpoena and the loss of income for the condominium or housing estate juristic due to difficulties in collecting CAM fees.

Additional services include Providing

Automated collection letter services by the lawyer's office, which can send notifications to the debtor to track debts and serve as evidence for legal proceedings.

We provide full services from issuing sequestration document and assist in submitting to the Department of Lands.

Debt collection services and filing lawsuits for execution, and submitting subpoena.

Providing debt collection services and filing lawsuits to enforce the closure of cases through subpoenas for foreign courts (In case that co-owners are foreigners), along with translating all relevant documents.

Registration service for juristic

Amendment services for juristic regulations

Registration service for juristic manager

Registration service for the establishment or change of a juristic board of directors

Civil and commercial legal consulting services according to the Condominium Act B.E. 2522,the Condominium Act B.E. 2551, the Land Allocation Act B.E. 2543, and the Land Allocation Act B.E. 2558, including other relevant laws.

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