Visitor Control Management
Visitor Control Management

Visitor Control Management

Parking Sharing

Make it easy to manage your parking lot, start your parking lot business right away.
Low investment, high service efficiency, increase revenue and channel to reach customers,
through an online platform with access to intelligent data analytics from anywhere.

Dashboard to summarizing the list of car parks and the status of your parking lot service.
Multiple parking lots can be managed simultaneously through the same cloud.
Cloud-based management can take care of your parking lot from anywhere as long as you have internet access.
Pricing revenue management and support the parking fee discount system.
income summary report and the list of car parks in .xls format.
Connect to POS devices for recording access and payments.
Mobile screen
Mobile screen

How can features help?

Juristic person
Increase revenue from visitors' parking management, including outsiders who drive to park within the scheme. By checking the number, times, customer types and income via Dashboard, to prevent fraud in parking revenue from security guards.
Invite, reserve, and check availability for guests and use the E-Stamp system for mobile without walk to Stamp at the juristic’s office.
Feature 01


Feature 02

Using E-Stamp to increase a convenience for Visitor Management

Feature 03

Recording ID Card detail and Data of Visitor on Cloud systems.

Feature 04

Calculating parking lot fee via Application, cashless.

Feature 05

Generate QR Code, setting permission for Visitor to in-out according to times.

Feature 06

Set Blacklist people.

Feature 07

Notify residents immediately when a visitor contact with the scheme.

Feature 08

Easy control via Silverman App & Silverman for Niti

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